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Omni Swipe: Smartphone Manager

Recently, Lazy Swipe app has just had a "Big Update" phase to add the extended features to increase user interaction. Specifically, these new added points:
  •          Rename, the icon from Lazy Swipe to Omni Swipe.
  •          Add ability to change the customize theme.
  •        Can display the notifications from any of the third-party apps in interactive panel or outside of the lock screen Lollipop style.

Omni Swipe - Utility application help you use your mobile phone fast and easy! Application is one utility that helps you arrange the games and play games or whatever else that you want to first appears when you open the phone screen. Downloads Swipe Omni application for mobile can help you do this and it is provided free of charge. Unlike other tools, Omni Swipe remain hidden until you swipe right to see which applications are using. You no longer have always hold the mobile phone to my hand! Free hand and make things different! With Omni swipe, you can do anything you want with just one arm.

Slide out the "Omni Swipe" from your screen's right or left  corner in every situation, you can:

1.      Search and open the applications you use most often without adding multiple operations.2.      Find and open the newly installed application or your most recently used without accessing the application list.3.      Turn on and turn off the general settings are usually used only with claws one hand such as wifi, bluetooth, lights.4.      Interactions: Get the latest message without swipe down the notification bar and keep in touch with your most important contacts as well as heir various contact methods convenient.

Omni Swipe - an indispensable application for people who have the habit of using the phone while go out in the street, in every job. Be quick to download Swipe Omni applications for android phone - essential machine configuration to add the best features for your phone.

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